HRT White Paper

HealthInRealTime White Paper, last updated July 2022

HRT is a decentralized digital health open source data platform with real time dashboards of comparative aggregated health and real time gamification to incentivize optimized healthcare outcomes..  Anyone can download the HRT Health Application onto Android (and soon  iOS, Fitbit, and most wearable devices) and instantly be engaged in mining HRT Tokens, competing for HRT Health Rewards, and thus improving individual health and population health.  

HRT Health is an integrated community of data producers, health care workers, and vendors for medical and sport accessories.  By registering phones and wearable devices, users can use the HRT dashboard to track their own health data, while competing to mine HRT Tokens with every step, every meal, every exercise, and every entrance and exit from their home.  Our integrated dashboard tracks and displays your movement and data including your measurements like O2, heart rate, blood pressure, and tension (in a secure and HIPAA compliant paradigm), while also showing you how many Tokens you have earned in real time.  With a single click you can see how you compare to a community of peers and how healthy your collective community is (on a de-identified basis).  The greatest thing about HRT Health is that entire communities earn Tokens while you are earning Tokens and in the near future through distributed decentralized votes can assign those Tokens to collective insurance, distributions, or targeted loans.


Create a world of people who are active in real time health, not only earning while living but also mitigating potential future failure by allowing secure and direct payments to providers.  No bills.  No payments.  No hassles.


A world where health is emphasized and beneficial individual decisions are incentivized through awareness, supplemented by the possibility of earning Token for positive participation.  Our data is decentralized and accessible on an anonymized basis to anyone who wishes to aggregate  data on an unprecedented scale.  We hope the future of health will be a decentralized understanding of human environments, behavior, vitals, and medical interventions.  We believe this can allow individuals and providers to determine what effects and what and how to optimize our behavior to improve our health and our communities.


Database for truth

In the current and historic paradigm for care, our knowledge has historically been anecdotal, a snapshot in time of individual health issues, with a fundamental health system knowledge problem.  How did they get there?  Why didn’t others who are similar have the same problem?  Medicine measures what’s going on inside the body every once in a while.  Based on a person’s snapshot measurements compared to others with those measurements, our medical professionals make decisions.  So what might be a better way to monitor and determine health?  Our health does not just pop up from nowhere.  Although we are similar we are not exactly like others.  Our health is created from our environment and our genetics, nature and nurture. What if we measured in real time the environment, the behavior, and the vitals of millions of people?  What if when someone had an issue we could compare a momentary frozen image of vital and test information, but use their individual history, in the context of people’s history with similar conditions?  As we each are biological machines, closely related to each other but not exactly the same we believe healthcare can be better managed and real time diagnoses optimized with aggregated data.

We are building the HealthInRealTime database to measure not only the environment, but also our behavior, our vitals, our aggregated behavior, and our community aggregated behavior and to allow correlation with medical and testing data, to provide real time reporting of both health and illness, created from the fabric of society.

Value Exchange

HealthInRealTime tokenization incentivises active engagement and positive health decisions through rewards. The more you use and engage with the system, the more tokens you can earn.  We believe this will improve individual and community health. The more you use the system the healthier you become. By becoming more aware of your health and the ways you can improve it, the more token you can earn. It’s the ultimate win-win.

Data Value

HealthInRealTime is collecting data, aggregating, and analyzing that data and sending alerts and recommendations based on that data.  It is geospasial time data, meaning that it tracks when, where, and what. This data set as a whole is anonymized in compliance with applicable healthcare regulatory requirements and restrictions, meaning it is not possible to know who, simply what, where, and when.  As a data set we believe this is massively, transformably powerful.  We believe this truth-based, real-time dataset could be the largest human study to date.  We believe this has incredible value.  As you invest in this data by contributing to it, compensated by mining tokens you are contributing to a collective venture we believe can be a global paradigm shift.  You are also profiting from it.  As the data increases in value, we believe so can your mined token.  


Poor health

71.6% of adults aged 20 years and over are overweight, including obesity.  Just over a quarter (27.2%) of US adults have multiple chronic conditions.  We can easily say that poor health is an endemic condition in the United States.  

No connection between activities and health

There is aggregated, actionable identification of human behavior, such as food consumption, exercise routines, sleep habits, business habits, social habits, and cleanliness habits.  All data collected is anecdotal.

Insufficient resources

Population demographics are clear in all 1st world countries; the replacement rate of birth is insufficient.  Currently in the United States the birth rate is less than 1.7%. 1 in 5 people will be over 65 by 2030.  This means fewer and fewer workers to provide care to a growing population of seniors suffering from obesity and more than one comorbidity. 

Top down health data

Healthcare in the United States is centralized, snap shot, critical care after failures of healthcare services.  A vast majority of issues are addressed with prophylactics decreasing symptoms but not eradicating the underlying issues.  Healthcare is top down, based on divided, information. 

Scattered health data

Health data does not follow the patient as the patient moves.  The real-time vital and behavioral data are essentially thrown away after the patient leaves the facility.  There is no efficient repository for data to follow the patient with the necessary information to ensure health.  It takes time and energy to get patient data, often still transported through interoffice mail, impacting treatment, medications, and protocols.  Poor quality and slow information is a high contributing item to medication complications, falls, and many other hospital failures including slow and incomplete care. 

Top down Care

Care is delivered to people through a complicated and constricting system. Staff schedules appointments and then data and information is interpreted, protocols recommended, prescriptions written, and care administered.  Feedback loops that control quality and just in time delivery are missing, although encouraged, in our healthcare system.  There are almost no other industries today that lack real time feedback.  This fundamental flaw in our healthcare system is responsible for the catastrophic costs our societies incur year over year. 

No tracking, trending, or understanding of personal health data

Data is broken, incomplete, and momentary not continuous. Snapshots of health in time result in an extremely incomplete and deficient understanding of health baselines and anomalous health conditions that can be spotted when aggregating  behavior from a diverse population in real time. This makes predicting and controlling onsets and outcomes virtually impossible. 

No reimbursement for consumer data

Valuable customer data is never compensated back to the patient. The health community harvests data and sells it to insurance companies and other interested parties for their own benefit, rather than patient benefit or reimbursement. 

Extreme time for payment

Currently healthcare financials are supported by actuary tables used to bill and calculate reimbursement over time with collection agencies harvesting patient reimbursement over periods of up to 10 years.  This accounting and distribution system encourages lead times for budgeting for staff and infrastructure on the order of 2 years. This results in less care, a higher cost of care, massive inefficiencies, antiquated technology, higher staff turnover,  and  costly and more redundant infrastructure.


Instant payment system

With the HRT token (HRT) system powered by optimized smart contracts, we believe the entire healthcare system of payment and compensation can be automated, creating a vastly more efficient system, where payment and exchange happens instantly, with an accurately preserved record. This should greatly reduce inefficient human capital, and focus funds and resources where they should belong, on quality of care for the patient and the population.  

Utility based token with inherent value

The HRT token based value exchange system is strategically designed to provide instant payment and exchange. This financial system within the care environment we believe carries an inherent value and that value.  If token investors share our vision, their actions may also generate additional value in the crypto space.  We hope this in turn increases the value of the mined data and engagement, giving back to the patient and all participants in the system. 

Incentivized care

As the patient or facility engages with the system, and more sensors are connected and data collected, the more token is mined. Tokens can be used to pay for services and resources.  As a patient using the system, the token can be used to pay for staff and other resources. As a facility uses the system, it also mines tokens and can use the tokens to offset operational costs and incentivize staff.

Health currency

We believe that mined and purchased tokens can and should become a currency and value exchange base for the provision and payment for healthcare.  Providers can be compensated in tokens, patients mine and buy tokens to pay for services; engagement in the system is incentivized using tokens and the value of the tokens increases as investors believe in our success as one of the few tokens with real utility value. Ultimately we intend that the HRT token has an exchange rate and can be traded for currencies.

Incentivized engagement

Engagement in the system and using the system are incentivized through the mining of the HRT token. This is essentially a reward for wearing the data devices, entering your data, compensating staff and many other actions. All of these actions add data to the system which strengthens the AI that aggregates the data to make predictions and recommendations in the system thereby creating more value in the token, and making each mining event more valuable to the mining person. 

Elimination of inefficient/corruptible payment systems

We believe that the HRT token-based smart contract system can transform the efficiency and accuracy of payment within the healthcare system, fighting fraud, corruption, and needles friction and inefficiency, redirecting those vast resources into the care of the patient, enabling much improved care for the patient and more efficient business practices for the medical communities.

People powered database

We believe real time understanding of cause and effect should power a singular HRT database of health information.  HRT is creating a database of true, real time continuous tracked and trending health data for the people. HRT gamifies health connecting individuals and communities to their health and with vast aggregated and continuously analyzed behavior and vitals.  The HRT database is the key to the HRT Platform and is where the value is. In the future, all health studies will be conducted using HRT data integrated through smart contracts with visit data, patient communication data, lab data, and acute care data. This is ultimately much more powerful than a blood test or any other one-time frozen image of data.  

HRT token system

Mine token from devices and sensors

The token system collects data from the many behavioral and vital sensors that exist in the environment of the patient.  As sensors collect data, the HRT database aggregates the data in as many conceivable time, space, and value combinations as possible and our HRT AI Engine makes predictions based on that data.  Events are generated and HRT tokens are mined.  HRT tokens create value through the action validating and activating the data. Value is created in that we believe the information provided by the system will improve community health and reduce hospital readmission.  We believe the market will see value in the token payment and incentivization actions of the system. We believe that the HRT token system not only greatly enhances the current state of the care continuum, but also creates the possibility of improving standards of care. The token system enables a much reduced and vastly more efficient system to deliver care and supremely focus resources where they belong, on the patient. 

Add many environmental/behavioral/vital sensors

The sensors that may be connected to the system are many and varied. We intend that any environmental and vital sensor inside, attached to, or worn by the patient will be able to be read and involved in the prediction and recommendation and alert system.  This includes the ability to contact and communicate with patients via watches, TVs,  phones, and tablets and other personal devices.  Environmental sensors will include scales, humidity, vibration, motion, temperature, open/close, fire/smoke, light, water, pressure, and many more. These sensors will read the environment and the patient 20 times a second, every hour of the day.  We expect the HRT system to allow for the most comprehensive patient data set.

Token based compensation system

The compensation system is automatic and built into the alert system. When the system’s AI determines that there is an event that needs attention, an alert will be issued. The alerts may be received on a phone to a healthcare provider or other assistant, who may respond to the alert and provide and receive evaluation through the system. The system is designed to evaluate the quality, quantity, and time of the care, and issue token to compensate the attending caregiver.  This provides for automation of the compensation and care, as well as evaluation of the care. This automation is designed to allow the staff to become better compensated than other systems, and incentivize caregivers to move more quickly and deliver more customized and higher quality care. 

Mass Adoption

Health dashboard and mining

Our system is designed to make mass adoption available through the web-based health dashboard and token miner. Using any android gateway device, the general public can mine tokens and receive a very powerful health dashboard and alert system connected to their friends, community, and family.  

Free Adoption

The Health dashboard and token miner is free to download and begin using.  Just download on any android device, track your data, and begin mining HRT tokens.  

Use device you already have

The system is designed to allow users to utilize any android device, including phone, tablets, TVs and watches as a health monitor and token mining device. If you already own one of these devices, you can get started today.  If you have sensor devices in the home that are BLE enabled, they may be attached to the system to mine more tokens and give you a more granular view of your health. You may also manually enter data to mine tokens, or purchase tokens.

Add sensors

Users are encouraged through token mining to add more sensors to their environment in order to improve their understanding of their personal health.  If you have a bluetooth enabled scale or home security system or other bluetooth sensor devices, you can add them to the system to mine tokens and understand more about you or your families health.

Enter data

Our system also delivers the ability for users to enter data manually into the system to get a more granular picture of your health. If your watch stops and you know you went for a mile walk, enter the data.  Many different parameters can be added this way, including heart rate, oxygen, sleep quality, eating  habits, social habits, exercise routines, and weight.  Manual data is a great way to understand what is happening with your health, encourages the purchase of additional sensors, and provides additional mining opportunities.


Real time instant data is collected, analyzed, and rewarded. You earn tokens instantly by loading the system onto your device or by registering and entering data manually.  You don’t have to wait at all.  As soon as you are registered or the gateway is loaded on your device you are mining tokens. 


The system is structured with the intent that when you participate, you will join a robust community of health enthusiasts and patients working together to develop the most complete, people powered behavioral health database that has ever existed.  We welcome you to become involved in a new web3 crypto connected community of proactive humans.

Make money learning about your health

When more and more people begin to mine tokens by engaging with their personal health data and learning about how they are doing in real time day to day, we believe your tokens will to increase in value.  Over time we expect more and more people to join HRT, creating interconnected communities around the world, becoming involved and investing in their individual and community health.  

Alerts for events

Event alerts are flexible: users can set the system to alert on goals that have been achieved, or alert family members, community members, or physicians of health events that need community intervention such as falls, wandering, UTIs, sleep problems, social problems, or illness.  Users can set the system to alert chosen individuals when events emerging from your health data indicate a problem with your health or an emergent situation.  For instance, if you have fallen by accident and are unconscious, the system would alert your loved ones or provider that there is a problem.  The alerted party will be presented with a map of your location, and the system will provide the ability for the designated person to connect with the user via multiple avenues.  They can call you or physically come to your aid.  The system can also notify emergency services if you choose.  In the Care aspect of the system, designed to service those that are under active or periodic care of physicians and staff, those persons will be alerted, and incentivized with token to engage with and prioritize the alerts. We believe this not only improves care significantly, but can reduce hospital readmissions. 

Home Care

Health Dashboard

In the home care environment, monitored patients are offered a health dashboard that reflects the sensors that are installed in their environment, or worn. The system aggregates deidentified sensor data for individuals and communities, and will be analyzed to determine predictive outcomes, recommend behaviors to improve health, and alert staff and community members when there is an anomaly or emergent situation.    

Mining token

We intend that mining token will deliver real value to system users.  We further intend that HRT tokens provide a method of payment, such that care can be paid for through tokens. 

Just in time delivery of services

This system changes the healthcare continuum from a very inefficient and infrequent schedule-and-visit system, to a continuous and rapid platform for facilitating a significantly improved and optimized system of health management: a JIT delivery of service system that monitors, tracks and trends the data, and alerts for problems. This moves the value to the patient and the care and away from the current fragmented, stratified, delayed, and inefficient health care system.  We believe our system is the next logical iteration in health care, both on a micro individual level, and at a macro population management level.   

AI Prediction of outcomes

Our system is designed so that real-time aggregated data and data gaps are analyzed by our AI, looking for anomalies and making predictions based on individual and aggregated community data.  HRT AI is designed to monitor and analyze what was, what is, and with that information predict what can and should be. An abnormal sensor reading may be used to trigger an alert that there is an anomaly.  HRT may be watching your gate down the hall with motion sensors, bathroom behaviors, weight and BMI from the scale, eating habits, refrigerator habits, social habits, heat and cooling habits, light at night, wandering, and anything else that users choose.  That data may show that you are walking differently, toileting more frequently without flushing, or opening the fridge more often without eating. HRT will combine this data in real time and may alert staff and stakeholders that a bladder infection is imminent. This can be preempted, keeping you out of the hospital and avoiding complications. The intent and expectation is to help reduce hospital admissions, saving money, improving health outcomes, and generating value.   

AI Recommendations for improvement

HRT watches the patient and reads the behavioral and vital data and in real time recommends the best practices for the user, and when approved his or her caregivers and family.  From blood sugar levels, heart rate, steps, sleep quality, socialization and many other parameters, the system can help the patient by recommending the best ways to improve and alert them to create the best health possible.  The HRT system additionally can be used to track adoption behavior – are recommendations and prescriptions being followed, is the patient improving… all with the incentive of HRT token to the account of the patient or care facility or provider.

Staff payment system

Staff can use their mobile device or an assigned mobile device to organize their day and ensure quality timely care for those they care for.  Unlike traditional systems, HRT follows a “Six Sigma” statistical and data-driven process to review and limit mistakes or defects, pursuing and rewarding high quality care utilizing the measurement of staff response and care cycles with integrated assessments.  Staff clock ins, clock outs, time to service, time on tasks, quality of care, and completeness can all be tracked in real time, ultimately with payment of services to be integrated into the HRT Platform.  In a practical sense this can allow for staff to be compensated directly at interval or as transactions occur, in money or HRT tokens.  Unlike money, HRT tokens are intended to be a store of value in a protected transactional system, allowing them to be exchanged for traditional currencies or saved as an investment.  All this will be automated and protected through smart contracts, intended to alleviate mistakes, reconciliation, and human friction.

Staff evaluation system

Home based care is difficult.  In this low-margin business, resources are constrained and hard to evaluate.  We believe that the HRT Platform delivers unparalleled staff performance through incentivization, event, and assessment tracking.  Staff can be notified of where they need to be, and for what purpose, requesting acceptance and ownership of each task.  Their acceptance is recorded.  If they call the patient on the phone their time is recorded.  If they video the patient through HRT Patient Video their duration on the call is recorded, confidentially.  If they enter the assessment created for the task as they talk to the patient, their completeness is recorded.  When they drive to the patient they are provided a map and their time of travel is recorded.  When they arrive their time with the patient is recorded.  The effect of the quality of their care can be measured by the environmental, behavioral, and vital sensors in the patient’s environment.  Patients can rate their care and provide feedback to their caregivers in real time.  Individual staff, groups of staff, communities, and companies all can be evaluated in real time by criteria the corporation sets.  Rewards in HRT tokens can be issued in real time.  Staff can see the performance of other staff as well as the protocols used and compete for tokens.

Up to 100 sensors

Sensors can be assigned to places, people, groups, or otherwise without limitation from the HRT system.  HRT Gateways, android collection hubs, can be installed overlapping each other creating a redundant network, protecting coverage.  For communities and multi facility companies, mobile devices can move seamlessly from one location to another allowing patient and device movement without fear of maintenance and technical issues.  When users or providers request additional sensor integration, we intend to integrate any requested validated sensor into the system within 2 weeks.  This means that as sensors for various purposes, such as cameras to ensure patients have taken their pills, enter the market we will integrate those into our aggregated data analytics environment and use their data to determine health events.

Alerts for events

Alerts for events are completely configurable.  The HRT Platform has a robust API that allows other vendors to integrate their sensor output into the HRT Data Engine.  This means that calendar events, system events such as pharmacy pickups, and notifications from other vendors such as delivery personnel can be integrated into our event engine with notifications, actionable items, and assessments.  Alert criticality and distribution are configurable so that only alerts that should be delivered are delivered to the right people at the right time.  Alerts are also events and so are measured just like anything else.



The HRT Platform’s technology backbone is a message-based event system that is easily subscribed to and published to.  This allows the HRT Platform to be easily integrated into any existing system including all hospital systems.

Health Dashboard

Hospital health monitoring is currently per device with centralized alarming or device alarming.  From a modern day perspective of delivering service, hospital systems are noisy, do not do aggregated analysis, and centralize alarm confusion, all of which creates a standard of care that is inaccurate and often creates alarm avoidance.  The HRT Platform delivers aggregated analysis of multiple sensor events as alarms both to centralized locations, as well as distributing them to mobile devices specifically assigned to units in the hospital.  In addition to this, staff devices answering alarms take ownership of outcomes with performance metrics displayed in real time on all dashboards throughout the system including dashboards on the mobile devices of the alarm responders.  This is an incredibly powerful feedback system for staff and the hospitals.  Dashboards provide comprehensive aggregation of sensor information as well as visit data, lab data, and charting in a clear and understandable format.

Mining token

The HRT system allows hospitals to mine tokens for improved outcomes, like preventing falls, UTIs, and sepsis with the HRT Platform installed.  Each room and hallway can be outfitted with passive and active monitoring that immediately notifies staff on their mobile devices and central terminals of incidents about to occur and incidents that just occurred. Notifications for no return to bed events, shower falls, bathroom falls, hallway incidents, and changes in behavior would all monitored while every sensor is generating tokens that are exchangeable for currency or products and services from participating vendors.  Smart contracts ensure delivery and immediate payment reconciliation.  We believe vendors similarly can be incentivized to use the HRT Platform through events.  Further, service providers like drivers and personnel can benefit from monitoring the HRT Mobile Response application, informing them of required orders and deliveries.   

Mining events have different token valuations based on the type of event.

Event Level Token Multiplier Description
1 1 All events that are not a higher event level are a level 1 mining event
2 2 Minor health events such as walking 2500 steps
3 3 Major health events such as a good habit over time
4 4 Critical health events that require a response
5 5 Improvement and response events
6 6 Long term measurable community health improvements


Bed exit notification

In the current state, bed exit notifications are commonly implemented in hospitals with a below mattress pressure sensitive pad plugged into a wall socket.  Most use sound as a warning mechanism and do not have adjustments for how long a person can exit before a warning is sounded.  These types of alarms are not conducive for shared rooms or for staff that are not within earshot of the alarm.

The HRT Platform supports a battery-operated, accelerometer-based bed exit sensor and motion bed exit sensor.  The accelerometer attaches to the mattress and the motion sensor can be directly over the bed or on the side of the bed. Working in conjunction these two sensors can be set to notify mobile devices and central dashboards of bed exits with delays, no delays, or turned off entirely.  Notifications are sent to all participating staff that a person is out of bed and alarms are sent when the time exceeds their maximum allotted time.  In-room noise alarms can be set using our dashboard on any Android TV or Monitor.

No return to bed notification

As above, notifications are a core configurable functionality of the HRT Platform.  What constitutes an event to be notified on, the criticality of the notification, who the notifications goes to, and when, are all configurable.  If a hospital patient should not be out of bed for more than 20 minutes, or should be out of bed every hour, hospitals can set the condition and the value and be notified when the resident leaves their bed, when they are out of their bed past the time limit, or when they should get out of bed and notify and alarm staff and the patient.

Fall prediction and notification

The HRT AI is patterned after how humans process multiple sensory inputs and predict the future.  We took great pains to ensure that data is aggregated by time and place and that patterns are bookmarked across a large swath of society.  What this means from a practical perspective is that there are obvious patterns that indicate potential future falls like waking up multiple times per evening, leaving the bed, fitful sleep, poor muscle control, poor balance, eating habits, showering habits, and many more.  The entire behavioral set of conditions and predecessors to falls are taken into consideration and used to predict falls within fairly accurate periods of time.

AI Prediction of outcomes

HRT AI is a sophisticated AI engine that uses bookended and human verified events as the basis for machine and deep learning algorithms to predict the future with accuracy from both individual and aggregated environmental, behavioral, and vital sensors along with assessments and visit data when available.  HRT is pattern matching in what we intend will be one of the world largest most geospatially detailed verified and validated health data sets.  Prediction is more than AI.  We also employ human developed and verified event trees for accurate prediction of events like nighttime falls and urinary tract infections.  Obvious logical assertions can be tested and validated throughout communities prior to alarming.  A simple example is the increase in nighttime falls due to restless sleep, clutter, and lighting.  Increased probability of failure due to conditions has and will continue to be major qualifiers for non conformity events testable and verifiable over time.  The HRT event engine encourages communities to share their event trees, get credit for their evaluation, and verify and validate through larger and larger data sets.

AI Recommendations for improvement

Of course recognizing negative potential futures is of no value unless appropriate action is taken.  Because failures, successes, and mitigations all have continuous future measurement associated with them, understanding the effect of mitigation on future events is easily understood.  These understandings translate into recommended improvements.  An excellent example of predicted failure is poor sleep.  Sensors continuously monitor light, sleep movement, in and out of bed events, and breathing.  The greatest indicator of poor sleep is known to be too much light at night.  HRT AI has this remedy and the validation data associated with high nighttime light conditions and restless sleep.  Observed poor sleep will fire an event alert recommending that individuals and communities purchase and install black out curtains.  Those events contain links to recommended curtains and agents.  Responding to or not responding to recommendations is measured and used to validate the recommendations.

Staff payment system

Because the HRT health provider vertical is backed by the HRT Token, transactions should transition to take place through the Crypto Marketplace and directly through the OM contract mechanism.  Events in the HRT Platform generate HRT Tokens.  As above, different types of events are compensated differently with tokens.  The second highest event compensation is the response event to any event that requires a response.  Responses naturally produce tokens for providers.  Enhanced token compensation can be arranged through smart contracts automatically compensating staff for specific tasks performed at the time of completion with HRT Tokens.  

Staff evaluation system

Every event that requires a response measures:

  •  The time to the claim of ownership of the event
  • The time in transit to the initiating contact for the event (such as travel time or the time to find a computer or phone)
  • The time in communication and assessment about the event
  • The time to resolve the event

There are two types of assessments that can be applied against every interaction:

  1. The assessment of the incident itself
  2. The assessment of the patient about the responder 

Staff performance is aggregated across regions, communities, and individuals.  Performance includes the timing associated with an incident, the evaluation of the patient, and assessment completeness, and the follow-on data indicating the success of the treatment or response.  Individual and aggregated performance is easily seen at a glance on the dashboard accessible through any mobile device or work station.

Engage with existing equipment

The HRT Health Platform uses many of the sensors that exist in home security systems such as motion detectors, open/close window and door sensors, heat sensors, water sensors, etc.  It is extremely easy to retrofit existing home security or room security installs into the HRT Health Platform.

Family engagement and notification system

HRT engages the community through email, SMS, desktop, and mobile client applications.  All our applications respond to events in the participating community.  Family members can be added to your community and configured to actively participate by responding to events or be passively informed as to what is currently happening.  In addition to our notification system we provide chatting services per incident so that key information that is required in the moment can be shared and acted upon.  Of course everything is accessible through our dashboards that have the full history of environmental factors, behaviors, vitals, and assessments of the participating community.


Stable coin based on value of data system and utility

The HRT Token is a first-generation representation of real Token value and power.  Actual measured health is the basis of token value in conjunction with market forces.  HRT measures multiple aspects of the health equation in real time and delivers that value to the marketplace in multiple forms based on aggregated changes in the baseline of environment, behavior, vitals, labs, and assessments :

  1. Device dashboard representation of aggregated behavior with alarms, predictions, and recommendations
  2. Event based actionable notifications and responses with measurement of the entire response mechanism and followup; verified and validated
  3. Smart contracts and data exchange of health data ensuring decentralized distributed globally available health information
  4. Automatic Token earnings from all activities with higher token returns for increasingly important events such as response events with positive resolution and proven metrics
  5. Payment system between participating entities that allows the setting and automatic payment for goods and service in HRT tokens

Data value

HRT intends to be a singularly comprehensive data store of health knowledge.  The HRT system removes the cost of data ownership, rather rewards ownership through tokens earned through measurement.  Data is anonymized and offered to the public for analysis encouraging health behavior and protocol sharing.

What kind of data is available?  Age, location, time, condition, environmental, behavioral, vital, labs, procedure and assessment information is anonymized, aggregated, and analyzed for pre and post health conditions.  Recommendations are events which are acted on and verified.  This data is available for consumption and is the basis for the world’s future health analysis.  


HRT is a native utility token that powers the HRT Health ecosystem.  Participants can use their Tokens to:

  • Purchase goods and services from health providers on the platform
  • Trade tokens and other assets
  • Stake to earn HRT Tokens
Token Name HRT Health Token
Symbol HRT
Blockchain Polygon
Standard ERC-20
Total Supply 17,000,000,000

Token Burn

When transaction fees are paid to HRT, a burning mechanism will be deployed that burns 2% of every transaction’s value.  This has been implemented to reduce supply of the token increasing the price for users and investors.  When tokens are burned, they can not be issued again and are erased from the system.

Safe Token

Contracts involved in token transfers will be audited and ensure security for all token transactions including tokens used in the payment of services through the HRT Health Contract mechanism.


HRT has developed a world changing healthcare platform over the last 7 years that puts health squarely in the hands of each and every one of us through a distributed decentralized earnings platform on everyone’s real time vital and behavioral data.  Your data lives with you and you earn from living well.  Care providers earn from delivering high quality services to those in need.  The distribution plan outlined above is designed to secure value for miners and investors in the platform.  We do that by making sure that liquidity is never touched and forcing distributions into long term contracts.  Our priority is the continued success of HRT as a means of healthcare payment and store of value.


The leadership team gets a distribution in May 2022 for 4.61% of the total tokens and the same amount every 3 months after that until a maximum of 26.5% of the total is reached.  


Our advisory team gets a 1% draw on transactions starting in August 2022 and gets 1% every year for the next 2 years.


We have structured our investment rounds to maximize growth.  Our seed investment starts May 15th, 2022 and lasts for 3 months. We have one round of seed investment with the round lasting 3 months priced at $.0065 per OMH with a minimum purchase of $65 or 10,000 OMH and a maximum purchase amount of $65,000 or 10,000,000 HRT.  Bulk purchases greater than  10,000,001 HRT are priced at $.005 with a minimum purchase of $50,000 or and a maximum purchase amount of $100,000 or 20,000,000 OMH. 


Our private investment starts August 15th, 2022 and lasts for 2 months.  The round is priced at $.0085 per HRT with a minimum purchase of $85 or 10,000 HRT and a maximum purchase amount of $85,000 or 10,000,000 HRT.  Bulk purchases of greater than 10,000,001 HRT are priced at $.0070 with a minimum purchase of $70,000 or and a maximum purchase amount of $140,000 or 20,000,000 OMH.


On September 15th we are open to all purchases of any level starting at a price of $0.0166.   


We have allocated 1% a month for 10 months for a maximum of 10% of the total supply of tokens to marketing.  Marketing dollars become available in October 2022.


We never touch liquidity.  We have allocated 5% of the total supply of tokens to liquidity to be dispersed October 15, 2022.


We have allocated 5% of the total supply of tokens to staking to be dispersed October 15, 2022.  Staking rewards and will go directly to the staking contract.


We have allocated 1% of the total supply of tokens to bounty to be dispersed October 15, 2022.  Bounty is for rewards and gifts and will go directly to the bounty contract.


We have allocated 25.5% of the total supply of tokens to the treasury to be dispersed May 15, 2022.  Mining comes from here and goes directly to the treasury contract.

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