Smart Health App

Track Your Health and Get Rewarded

Your Health Journey

Introducing the HRT Smart Health App and its key benefits, which include real-time tracking of your activity, health, weight, steps, heart rate, and sleeping patterns, as well as a unique rewards program for participation. With our app, you can easily establish achievable objectives without having to worry about inputting data to track your progress. Our gamified prompts and instant rewards provide added motivation to help you achieve your objectives.

Set Health Objectives

Setting health objectives is one of the key benefits of our app. With our app, you can easily establish personalized health objectives that align with your specific health goals. Our app offers a wide range of objective categories, including fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress management, and more. You can choose from pre-set objectives or create your own custom objectives, allowing you to tailor the app to your individual needs.

Automatically Measured

Once you have set your objectives, our app automatically tracks your progress and measures your success. You can easily view your progress and track your success over time, which provides you with a sense of accomplishment and motivates you to continue working towards your objectives.

Rewarded for Success

Our app also offers rewards for your success, which provides added motivation to achieve your objectives. Our rewards program offers a variety of incentives, including discounts on health products and services, exclusive offers, and more. You can redeem your rewards at any time, which helps to keep you engaged and motivated to continue working towards your objectives.

How Your Smart Health App Works

Our Smart Health app is designed to help you achieve your health objectives by providing personalized health goals and objective categories that align with your unique needs and preferences. The app uses automated tracking to monitor your fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress management, and overall lifestyle patterns, and provides insights and recommendations to help you stay on track. To incentivize your progress, we offer a rewards program that allows you to earn tokens for accomplishing your goals, which can be used to access health products and services, or even exchanged for cash. With our app, you can take control of your health and achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle, while also sharing your journey with others who can offer support and encouragement. Installing the app is easy, and once you’re up and running, you’ll be on your way to a healthier you in no time.

Login or Register

Logging into HRT immediately registers your phone or device with our platform and starts recording and analyzing your activity while rewarding you for every single event such as staying active for more than 15 seconds.  You are able to set goals, share your health, and view your health and reward status immediately.

Change your Profile

Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your avatar, choose the perfect layout, modify menu settings, choose your objectives.

Health Dashboard

Your dashboard shows the status of your health in an instant allowing you to drill down and see your health with more granularity.  You can also enter data for sensors you do not have such as oxygen or meals.


Easy to understand scrollable dashboard showing all values for key indicators of your health.


You can modify what is displayed by objective or by deciding which health criteria you are interested in.


Each health card can be clicked on to drill down into details for a better understanding of your health.


Each health characteristic is actionable so that you can find out more detail, call a doctor, call a friend, schedule and event, participate in a game, or set a reminder.


You can share your health results, your game results, your health alarms, or your games with anyone you choose through email, text, and our client.


Every health characteristic rewards you for participating and achieving.  Success magnifies your rewards.  Rewards provided as NFTs and HRT Tokens can be exchanged for discounts and purchases on goods and services including cash.

Complete Control over Rewarded Participation

Setup alerts that help you gain higher rewards, interact with health professionals, and participate in fun high reward games.  You decide your involvement and get rewarded for participation and success.

Opt in Rewards

Notifying others, being involved in games, sharing your data are all opt in to those you trust.

No Hassle Rewards

We use crypto contracts that are automated so that ownership happens at the point of the transaction. Rewards are automatically transacted with participating partners.