smart watch with sim


$19.99 / month

Hardware $99.99

HRT SMART Personal Emergency Response System

Your SMART PERS (Medical Alert Watch) requires no contracts, works inside and outside your home, has two way calling, starts working when you pull it out of the box and turn it on, is shipped with a cellular plan, has a a help button and fall detection, records your heart rate, your activity level, and your location. Anyone you give permission to can download our free Caregiver Application and be notified if something goes wrong. Your watch will constantly compare your activity, heart rate, and activities of daily living and understand when there is a deviation from your standard behavior alerting loved ones in cases of emergency.

GTIN: 85000017194

Fall Detection / Notification

With the HealthInRealTime SMART Watch you are assured that no matter where a fall occurs; in or out of the home, the network of care will be alerted an a crowdsourced response will assure that help will arrive quickly.

Location Services

All day, every day location services so that caregivers will have turn-by-turn directions to reach your exact location and an approximate arrival time based on the route.

Activity Monitoring

Activity monitoring including number of steps, activity during the day, and inactivity are all monitored 24 hours a day with the ability to set notifications for low activity and insufficient steps.

Long Batter Life

We deliver the best battery performance in the industry lasting an entire day of activity including heart rate monitoring several times a day, gps, and zone awareness for community use.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Heart rate monitoring with control over the frequency of autonomous checks and heart rate on demand for your network of care.

Voice Control

Voice control of phone calls with, "OK Google, call my daughter."

Two Way Calls

Two way calling so that anyone can call the watch directly anywhere in the world and the wearer can call out to anywhere in the world.

Cellular Service Included

HealthInRealTime subscriptions come with cellular service for both voice and data included with the watch.  Normally a $65 value.

Auto Answer

Hands free auto answer so that no matter what has happened you can talk and hear the person helping you over the watch.

Easily Heard

Easily heard even in a loud room or while lying on the floor with your arm outstretched.

SOS / Help Button

An easy to use, never failing request for help button.

Wandering Notification

Easily set wandering notifications so that if the wearer is outside a perimeter for longer than is healthy notifications are sent to the network of care.

  • Beautiful – Ultra-narrow metal frame for a more stylish look
  • SIM card – SIM card included, US and Mexico support (ask about global)
  • Hands-free – Built-in microphone and excellent speaker for hands-free calls
  • OS – Android 7.1
  • CPU – MT6739M
  • RAM+ROM – 1GB+16GB
  • Bluetooth – Ver 4.0
  • Camera – 2.0MP
  • Battery – 700mAh, Normal use: 1 day
  • Functions – Real-time heart rate detector,Pedometer analysis,sedentary remind,sleep monitoring,anti-lost,Information sync,Sensor Hub,Google play,Google now,Google map,Weather,Facebook ,Twitter,Whatsapp ,Voice search,Calendar,Alarm,Music,phonebook ,phone call