Read The Quartet by Joseph J. Ellis. Changing the world requires:

1. Vision
2. Persistence
3. Execution
4. Good Fortune

Changing the world is personal, individual, and consuming. History is not unique, moments don’t stand alone in time, they stand linked together in an infinite matrix of possibilities. Governments are not fixed, technology is not fixed, spirituality is not fixed. All aspects of life are mutable and evolving.
When you wake up in the morning, before you get out of bed, be thankful for three things; the air you breath, the people you know, the opportunity to make the world better. While you dress, choose three things you will do to make your vision come true; write a plan of execution for one process that moves the vision forward, contact one person you care about and share your dream, execute one thing to move your vision forward.
Be Relentless. 2017 is the greatest year in the history of mankind, because of you. Wishing you the best of years, HealthInRealTime.