We are all used to the red help button that dangles from a seniors neck. You hit the button and we all hope someone will show up to come to a person’s aid. But how do we go beyond the red button for senior care and care for the disabled? Sensors now can detect movement; if we slow down or fall down, have gotten out of bed, returned to bed or just not gotten out of bed. New sensors that monitor blood pressure, heart `rate and blood sugar are on the horizon. What we are describing are a series of actions or statuses. Each action or status has data associated with it. Harnessing all of this data and turning it into meaningful, logical actionable events is the key to a better understanding of a person’s health and the ability to remediate a problem. We want to improve care without reducing independence; care that is self-aware.

If someone has gotten out of bed at 8:00 am, this is normal activity. However getting out of bed at 2:00 am and not returning to bed could be an issue. Connecting two disparate but logical events are the next generation of IoT technology, capturing data at the edge, aggregating the data in Real- Time, analyzing it and remediating the issues.

HealthInRealTime has built an IoT platform that collects and aggregates data, creates intelligent events that are visualized on a dashboard with an application to allow crowdsourced responses to events. When you provision our platform, you get an extremely accurate, easily integrated, and sustainable system to ensure the resilience of your community through a network of sensors connected to an advanced configurable analytics system that informs you of critical events with an integrated call remediation and assessment system.