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om unobtrusively notifies family members, friends, neighbors, caregivers, and healthcare professionals when a possible situation requires intervention. We ensure the fastest response and highest quality of emergency performance.

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Automatic Fall Detection

om detects falls based on prior motion/activity, the fall event, and your activity level immediately after the fall. If significant activity is not detected after the event, the system AUTomATICALLY recognize that you need more help and sends a critical fall alert to your registered family members, friends, caregivers, and health care providers. If nobody responds to the notification we escalate the event to a call center.

Fall detection inside the home

With HRT you are protected inside your home when you fall whether you are wearing a watch or not.  Our sensors understand your activity and when you enter the bathroom and don't come out we trigger an alarm.

Fall detection outside the home

om separates itself from our competitors by integrating wearables and ambient sensors seamlessly.  This means that when you leave your home and fall or need help while you are out your loved ones can call you, find you, and help you immediately.

Real Time Status Notifications

The HRT is a high resolution monitoring system.  Our Mobile Caregiver App is real time response and notification application with the status, the location, and the current condition of any member that the user has access to.

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HealthInRealTime Mobile Client

We know that the future is based upon the real-time measurement of individual and community health with in body, on body, and ambient sensors collecting, analyzing, and predicting the health and welfare of individuals, communities, and the world.

— Philip Regenie, Executive Officer

Peace of Mind

SMART Living combines wireless cellular gateways (no WiFi needed), in-home environmental sensors, GPS and cellular-based wearable monitoring devices with our user-friendly Mobile Client App, helping individuals and those involved in their care track health, activity, location information and trends. The result, seniors living more independently, healthier, safer, and more secure, without compromising privacy.


om Predictive Care looks at your activities of daily living over time.  When your sleep or bathroom habits change these are often indicators of a potentially dangerous event such as a fall or a UTI.

Immediate Response

Life happens and we are there for you when no one else can be, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year.  Our system never sleeps and makes sure if an accident does occur, anywhere, someone will be there to help you out.

Passive/Ambient Sensors

om enabled SMART Watches and SMART Devices look for changes in activity, behavior, and biometric measurements, over time, with automatic notification to caregivers for critical events and significant changes via the HRT Mobile App, now on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Bed Exit Alarms

Our bed exit sensors allow caregivers to remotely determine whether your loved one is in bed, how often they get up, and what time he or she typically arises in the morning. Each alarm can be individually tailored so that seniors can leave their beds without an alarm for different periods of time.

Event Assessment
Every help call and event that is responded to can have an optional assessment associated to it walking staff through the identification and assessment of the residents situation.

Stakeholder Actions
Crowdsourced stakeholder notification and commitment to action is an integral part of the HRT Platform. Easily communicate your intent or find out the status with our mobile application.