In an ideal world you wouldn’t have to have countless conversations about how many walks you went on, or whether you went to the doctors, or whether you fell.  In an ideal world, your conversations would be the same as they have always been, engaging about the world, not just you. In an ideal world you wouldn’t have to drive 10 miles to the your doctors office once every two weeks and have him poke and prod you.  Your family and friends knowing how you are doing is important, and you knowing how you are is even more important.  HRT understands this and provides simple and unobtrusive technology that constantly measures your wellness, and provides that information to your family, friends, health care providers, and of course, you. HRT exists to create new and disruptive solutions to improve the lives of everyone.

om envisions a world where we all know what is required daily to remain healthy and vibrant throughout our individual lifetimes.  This includes our medical professionals contacting us when they feel that we are ill and prescribing protocols that enable our continuing wellness.  We know that this future is based upon the real-time measurement of individual and community health with in body, on body, and ambient sensors collecting, analyzing, and predicting the health and welfare of individuals, communities, and the world.

Our mission is to improve the health of the world through real-time measurement with actionable events, proactive care through prediction, and measured quality assurance.

Mine HRT Token

Americans spend more than 30% of their lifetime income on health related issues.  Their mobile devices often cost more than a car in 1960 in real wages.  More importantly, their lifespans are decreasing due to living habits, food choices, and the state of our medical infrastructure.  Using your mobile device, whether wearable or not, to mine HRT token solves all these problems.  When you connect your phone or your wearable to the HRT Platform you are instantly mining token.  Out of every token mined 3.5% is allocated to a wallet used for direct medical payments to participating medical personnel.  Your health and your earnings are accessible in real time through our amazing dashboard portal.

Buy HRT Token

Health is more than 30% of our economy and HRT Tokens are the future for people interested in stable high reward investments.  The HRT Health Token is stable because it is backed by the largest open source health data platform in the world gathering data from environmental, behavioral, and vital individual and community aggregated data.  That data is used by companies all over the world to investigate the relationships between lab results and real time living.

Aging In Place

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines aging in place as "the ability to live in one's own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level".  HRT is committed to promoting this objective for as many people as possible by combining real-time measurement of health and telemedicine with full-time medical staff reviewing alarms and data on an ongoing basis.

Senior Group Living

Senior Group Living is a wide operational definition for seniors living either independently in groups, living in managed communities with amenities, and living with disabilities requiring assistance.  In group living situations there is a tremendous need for awareness of health and predictive capacity for understanding an impending disaster as well as allocating resources effectively and efficiently.  HRT enables this through the most advanced senior group living technology available today.

Remote Health Monitoring

Remote Health Monitoring includes telehealth, telemonitoring, and telemedicine.  HRT focuses on real-time health monitoring with an array of sensors including body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen, lung capacity, activity, sleep habits, bathroom habits, and daily lifestyle habits.  We employ medical care partners with physicians and nurses to provide telehealth and telemedicine solutions directly to the home.

Custom Development

om can enhance any product requiring real-time sensor monitoring with a high degree of control and analytics.  We can leverage our platform to easily integrate with GPRS Security and any system needs high quality easily provisioned sensor data. If you have struggled with the difficulty of adding mobile client support to your platform, you are not the only one. HRT SMART Staging provides a robust solution to your need by integrating your GPRS or old technology with new message based technology seamlessly supported by our mobile client products.