Rewarding individuals and communities for participating in health and welfare

There are no obligations or payments required

We Reward you for Activity and Health

Download our application or ask us to come install in your facility for free.  We install, support, and maintain at no cost to you.  Earn as an individual or as a company from your anonymized data and improve your health and community performance.






We Gamify Activity and Health

We'll connect you and those in your community to the past, the present, and the future and help you compete with yourself and others for better health.  It's a great game and easy to play.

You Get Goods & Services for Free

We are developing a global partner network which includes medical professionals, major retailers, drug stores, clothing manufacturers, food suppliers, and health and sport equipment.  Use your earnings to buy online through our partner network or do business to business transactions at a huge discount.

HealthInRealTime rewards users for participating in their health and fitness

Who Are We?

We are a unique digital health and care company powered by blockchain and crypto tokens with anobjective of improving the health of everyone in the world through real time measurement.

Welcome to HealthInRealTime where we empower the community through ownership of their health and reward everyone for being a part of a larger healthier community.

HealthInRealTime is revolutionizing healthcare through a value driven, token powered, digital healthcare platform that optimizes participation in health for all members, including providers.

We have built a transformative data platform monitoring health metrics in real time, enabling and incentivizing individual responsibility through the ability to earn HRT token based on participation, improving just in time care services evaluated and rewarded based on outcomes, and creating a global de-identified health data set mined by machine learning algorithms used to improve protocols, improve knowledge of pharmaceutical effects, and identify short term future failures.

HRT’s primary founder spent almost a decade developing a proprietary real time digital platform monitoring an infinite number of user sensors reporting health and fitness data.  In 2022 we launched HRT Token, built on blockchain, listed on public exchanges to be spent for goods, services, and currency, that not only incentivizes and rewards use of our platform and positive lifestyle decisions, but also we believe should transform healthcare – both proactive population management and conventional reactive response to adverse events (illness and injury).

We believe the nexus of real time data, verified anonymously on blockchain, incentivized by HRT token, allows for transformative outcomes on an individual and global scale, and a new paradigm of transaction efficiency.  HRT will be a new marketplace and payment portal for services, goods, and data; secure, efficient, and validated.

If this sounds intriguing why not Invest in your future?

With four easy steps

Join the NetworkConnect DeviceKnow your HealthMine Tokens

Invest in your future health by mining HRT Health Tokens while we monitor your health in real time.  We will collect, analyze, predict, and react to all health data while you mine tokens with activity. We’ve developed a comprehensive agnostic data collection and AI prediction platform for real time health.

Join the Network


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Inactive for Too Long

Set up an alarm notification to alert you when your loved one has been inactive too long for any reason during specific times of the day.

Temperature Out of Range

HealthInRealTime can alert you if your body temperature is out of range.  Especially useful in flu season and the current outbreak of COVID-19.

Fall Detection and Notification

HealthInRealTime has next-generation event detection and prevention inside and outside the home.  If you fall, get hit by a car, or get lost your loved ones will be notified and shown your precise location.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Set up heart rate alarms for all day or for any period in the day.  You loved ones will be notified if your heartrate is outside the bounds defined for too long.

Real-time GPS

HealthInRealTime uses a geospatial technology with millisecond response times that notifies you instantly that your loved one has left a perimeter defined by you. Our Real-Time GPS works in conjunction with our Open/Close sensors so that from the moment a senior opens the door you are notified.

Proactive Alerts

Noticing changes in activities of daily living can lead to early interventions. HealthInRealTime watches our daily patterns and identifies significant changes that could signal a concern.




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